Many companies, regardless of the services they provide, boast their marketing campaigns using the concept of “loyal customers” usually followed by a many-digits number to describe that particular pool of people who not only that contracted the said services in the past, but who are willing to keep contracting them for the future. But what does it mean for a company to have “loyal customers”? The ones who return? The ones you have a special relationship with that is constantly growing and evolving? Nowadays, many companies mistake the concept of “clients” with the one of “loyal customers” to the detriment of both parties: there is a lack of strong interpersonal relationships, while the sense of belonging to something bigger and greater gets lost along the way.

Can there be “loyal customers” in the lawn care services?

To answer that question, first we should refine the definition of these “loyal customers” and in order to do this, we need to focus on two major elements that when put together they underline the concept of loyalty: appreciation and respect. These attitudes can’t be taken for granted, as they don’t come together with the customers, they are won and achieved by the company every single day, from every interaction with a customer. It is a long – term process that requires hard work and understanding, and if a company really wants to have “loyal customers” this means it should be a step ahead at any time, meeting the clients’ needs and expectations and top them. Customer service can turn a regular client into a loyal one, but only if the particular brand works towards building mutual trust and respect. We have clients from Plano, Allen, Frisco, Murphy and many other areas and if you ask our clients if they feel loyal to our lawn care services, they will probably say they are, but this could be possible only through our hard work towards building a relationship with them.

We have a plan for turning regular clients into loyal customers

In the lawn care services, as a brand, you can’t just count the number of people contracting your services last season and be proud of your loyal followers. You need to plan and develop a strategy including goals, objectives, strengths and weaknesses, steps to be taken and results to be registered. For our company, the real loyal customers represent the engine that keeps us going and we follow a set of main objectives, without forgetting our fundamental organizational values and mission.

Caring and Sharing Builds Long Term Relationships

Caring about our customers means treating them with respect, listening to their problems and offering them in return your best advice. It is hard to be a good listener, but we thrive to build mutual trust not only inside our company, but with the clients too. We offer answers and feed-back and we advise our clients on the best practices needed to take care properly of their lawns. We share our best knowledge and counsel and by doing this, inside and outside the company, with our own team members and all our customers, new or old ones, we strengthen our human and professional relationship with them.

Meet, greet and exceed customers’ experience

We don’t just deliver a service, because everybody can do that to some extent. We strive every day to deliver an experience, customized and personalized for every client in our portfolio. It is a challenge to learn their needs, understand them and make the best out of our collaboration, but at the end of the day, a customer who felt respected and understood and a client who leaves with his expectations not only met, but exceeded is the main goal we are trying to overcome constantly.


We put our hard work where our mouth is and each customer, just like each team member and co-worker who experiences our capacity to solve any problem that might rise means that we keep our accountability promise to all of them.

Performance capitalization

In lawn care services registering satisfied customers and turning them into loyal ones means that we have to provide them with top notch, performing services and this can be obtained only if we constantly work with ourselves, improving ourselves and exceeding our own capabilities, skills and knowledge. Our clients ask for the highest standards and in order to meet them and amaze even their wildest expectations, we are always one step ahead, evolving towards even higher standards.

“Sit back, enjoy and relax” is not only a saying

In order to gain loyalty and have our clients becoming loyal, we provide the best solutions to their needs and strive to build a mutual – trusting relationship. Reassuring our clients and giving them the peace of mind they need is one critical step in making sure they not only benefit from the best services and resolutions to their issues, but they become certain of the positive results.

High Quality

Treating every customer as a family member and every lawn as it was our own means providing lawn care excellence. Every situation is different and every plan tailored to suit the needs, while all our customers deserve and receive our best practices in the field. We are striving to individually offer excellence with every opportunity we have.

Mutual respect

We have said it before and we will say it again: without trust and mutual respect, there is no loyalty. This doesn’t apply only to clients, but to co-workers, partners and collaborators as well. Listening, sharing, understanding each need and each perspective helps us build strong long term relationships with our customers and the people we work with.

Honesty is the key to success

Any healthy and strong relationship is built on honesty and trust. A successful relationship means integrity and transparency and we provide them for each of our clients, by openly communicating on all concerning matters.

Building know-how and skills

Times change, technology changes, expectations and need change. In order to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations, we are constantly learning, training and developing our skills to remain on top of our game, regardless of the issues we encounter every day. We regularly receive training on the lawn care industry and technology and we invest in the latest and best products and tools to solve even the most challenging lawn care requirements.

What can we learn from all this?

A company truthfully having a pool of “loyal customers” is a successful one, as loyalty isn’t an attribute of the clients, but it actually describes the quality and the standards of that company. Some clients may not be happy with the results provided and they won’t come back to you as loyal followers. This doesn’t say anything about them, but says everything about you, meaning that you didn’t manage to meet their needs and reach the expected standards.

It may be a good thing, or it may be a bad one, but lawn care services are popular, easy to find and contract and easy to deliver. Service prices will always be important, but if everything you have to offer is just a low price that doesn’t juxtapose an excellent service and customer’s expectations, you can’t talk about building loyalty and long term valuable relationships.