There is something about men and their lawns, and this is not just a Hollywood movie cliché, it is the truth. There is a sort of perfection, a moment of inner peace and universal balance in the simple act of admiring your lawn and smiling inside, as it is the pride of your property and the envy of the entire neighborhood. There is that moment of clarity that occurs every time a man mows his lawn and a moment of joy when he manages to finish the tasks in a perfect manner. Until the next mowing and caring cycle, one can sit on the porch and enjoy the landscape, happy to be home. Experienced gardeners and land owners know most of the tricks to keep their neighbors envious on their lawns, but today we will give you a very simple way to make sure your lawn stays healthy and thriving.

This is so simple and easy, you’d ask us why we even mention it: leave the lawn clean after you’re done mowing. It is true that grass clippings which fall on the sides when mowing can be recycled as natural nutrients for the lawn, but it is also true that if you leave a large quantity of this vegetal debris, you may endanger your lawn. The barrier that gets built between the water and sunrays and the soil, the grass roots and the air circulating at that level can determine the apparition of disease, not to mention it will give the lawn an unaesthetic look – yellow, dead patches of grass are a health hazard and a sign of negligence. Leftovers can indeed build thatch and you should be careful in removing them, especially if they present traces of weeds which can still sprout or regenerate.

As a responsible lawn owner you can gather the grass clippings into chunks of thatch and remove them carefully and dispose of them in garbage bags. Whatever grass clippings you leave behind, make sure the quantity is small enough to serve as a nutritional resource for the lawn and not as a suffocating thatch that endangers the grass. If the vegetal debris layer is too thick, it can prevent water from reaching to the roots system and also facilitate the outbreak of weeds and disease. If you want to still be that land owner envied by the neighbors and hunted by magazines to have his lawn featured in the upcoming issue, then make everything to look after your lawn and remove all the debris that might endanger its health and your reputation.