If you live in Royal Oak, Michigan, you know having a healthy and envied lawn is a great challenge and a great pleasure for many land owners. While some of the experienced ones know a lot of tips and tricks on how to maintain their lawns lush and thriving, others fear failure and consider it to be too much of an effort. However, lawn care in Royal Oak, Michigan, can be dealt with if the owner meets three top requirements and manages to provide the lawn a few basic needs: mowing, watering, and aeration. You can be a satisfied home and landowner in Wylie, Texas, if you never forget about these three critical elements that will turn your lawn into a patch of Heaven.


This is the first and perhaps the most crucial lawn requirement and step one should take. Proper lawn care in Wylie can’t happen if you don’t master your mowing techniques and you don’t apply the correct rules. Sometimes, people consider mowing a time – consuming activity which bothers them, but mowing means more than looking like the Joe next door in a Hollywood family comedy. It means health and beauty for your front yard. While many know that mowing needs not to cut off the grass as short as it can be and the process should be repeated once or even twice a week, there is a constant mistake people do, and that refers to grass clippings. Some people remove them immediately, as they fear thatch building, but in the proper quantity, this vegetal debris is beneficial to the lawn, as is provides natural supplemental nurture for the root system.

Besides the regular fertilizers, using the grass clippings saves you money and effort, as they contain over 75% water and nutrients which slowly dry out, becoming natural lawn fertilizers. You can easily avoid thatch buildings and weed outbreaks and benefit from the full potential of your turf.


The second essential step in lawn care is watering and promoting a healthier lawn in Wylie is easy to accomplish. Enough water soaking your turf on a regular basis ensures your lawn stays healthy and luxurious all season. However, too much water can also damage your lawn, as floods have never been healthy to the land. In order to master the right amount of water your lawn needs and the frequency you need to water your property, you should first know very well the grass variety and its needs, the climacteric changes it is subjected to, the soil type and even the species of weeds that tend to conquer the area. Too much water will invite pests and disease to occur and proper watering is generally accepted at a 1 ½ inches of water a week ratio.