Royal Oak is a beautiful area and some property owners over there managed to create such perfect patches of lawns and gardens, they look like Photoshopped pictures in a magazine, but they are as real as they can be. Some people think that everything they have to do is call in a lawn and garden care center specialist and then sit back and enjoy their lawns growing lush and healthy before their eyes. Of course, landscape specialists and lawn maintenance experts are a godsend in many cases, but amazing lawns require their owners’ care, respect and efforts, because some tasks should be carried daily or weekly in order for the lawn to thrive all season long.

This Lawn Care Guide is easy to follow and implement

In some parts, summer can be hot beyond imagination and even if you don’t have a hot humid warm season on your hands, you should still soak your lawn in water at regular 2 – days’ intervals. This will ensure the lawn has the proper moist deep down to the roots system and can resist even to extreme weather. The recommended watering patterns should consist in soaking the turf 1 hour / area and do it regularly, allowing the grass to dry between cycles. If you are facing a horrid season with temperatures going 90 degrees or higher, you should water the lawn daily, keeping the same 1 hour per area routine. Obviously, the best moments to water your lawn are in the morning or the early afternoon, allowing the soil to absorb the water and preventing the grass to develop moist – related disease.

Pest control, weed control and disease control

This is the triad of dangers that can ruin your lawn and being responsible and care for it means preventing any of these three possible catastrophes to occur, no matter if you live in Royal Oak and the surrounding areas. You should learn how to recognize crabgrass, among other weeds, learn about their spreading behaviors and sprouting and take preventative measures at the earliest signs of a weed problem. There is a set of best lawn care practices which include regular mowing and watering as pest and disease control prevention methods and early recognition of problems, together with proper treatment, ensures a healthy and lush lawn for the whole year, making sure insects and other pests don’t attack the turf.

Insects can also infect the lawn and thus causing a lot of damage, so cutting the lawn regularly is one of the first steps to make. Also, lawn watering should be done only in the morning or the early afternoon, and never in the evening, as excess water overnight only facilitates diseases unless you let it evaporate thoroughly.

The Mowing Guide to Healthy lawns

A healthy and beautiful lawn critically depends on your mowing practices. There are a few guidelines which, if carefully followed, can ensure a thriving and amazing lawn.

• Replace regularly the dull mow blades with new sharp ones.

• Mowing should be done regularly, at least once a week and you should not cut more than 1/3 of the grass blades.

• You should learn about the recommended healthy height of your turf, as it depends on the grass type, the soil, the climate, the moist and fertilization of the soil, the variety of weeds threatening your lawn, the disease present or possible to occur and so on. Keeping the healthy height of your lawn is crucial to its health and beauty.

• Grass clippings can be left behind or spread evenly for giving the lawn a supplemental source of natural nutrients. Recycling grass clippings should take into account the absence of crabgrass and other weeds being left behind. Thatch doesn’t build up so easily, but you should prevent it.

• There are two mandatory mowing time frames, one in early spring, critical to removing weeds and thus limit the use of herbicides and one in the cold season in order to remove any possible weeds, prevent disease and keep the air flow constant and easy in order to prevent fungi infestations.

• Mid – day mowing should be avoided, as it damages the lawn. A watering system or regular watering are in order to keep the healthy levels of moisture constant.

Tips and tricks to keep a thriving, amazing lawn

1. A turf watering healthy cycle should consist in a pre-definite routine: once in two days, the turf should be soaked in water, with 1 hour of watering per delimited area. The two days passing between watering allows the turf to dry. In extreme weather conditions, the lawn should be soaked daily.
2. Early morning and early afternoon are recommended for watering the lawn.
3. If you want to limit the use of herbicides, as we mentioned before, you should pay attention to the early – spring mowing phase as it removes weeds and prevents them from growing and sprouting.
4. Regular mowing implies also regular quantities of grass clippings which can be recycled as a nutrient source. If you fear thatch building up, you should make sure it is not the case and you don’t leave behind weeds that can regenerate or sprout.
5. In case you have troubles in maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn no matter what you try, you should call the specialists.